Our ciders and apple varieties

From year to year, the characteristics of each apple varieties change. Some years a particular apple variety can be full of sugar and sweet, other years it might be slightly sour or tannic. This is where the skill of the blender comes in - the perfectly blended cider is a harmony of fruit, tannin, sharp and sweet flavours. If an apple has these characteristics on its own then we bottle them as they are - these are known as single variety ciders.

Kingston Black (single variety)

Bitter sharp flavour with well balanced tannin and acidity.

Yarlington Mill (single variety)

Bitter sweet variety producing a slightly dry cider with agreeable aroma.

Brown Snout (single variety)

A 19th Century Hereford variety, bitter sweet, with soft tannins.

Old Orchard (blend)

Our master blender selects the finest apples from our Tom Putt, Bulmers Norman, Dabinett and Chisel Jersey apple trees to produce a cider of exceptional flavour and balance.

Knicker Dropper (blend)

One for the ladies! A slightly sweeter blend, well balanced with a lively flavour.